Attendance is Important!

Every week, students are invited to the gym to dance if they have 100% attendance from the week before.  We play Just Dance and Kidz Bop songs and the students and the teachers dance to celebrate great attendance!

If you have a song to suggest, please enter it here: 100% Dance suggestion

Jeffery Elementary Amazing Attendance Celebration 2017: Talent Show

Videos of performances here: 2017 Talent Show

Our 2016-2017 attendance goal 96.3%

Our final attendance: 96.4%

2017-2018 School year goal: To be # 1 in the district, or have 96.7%

Jeffery won a May Attendance Challenge against 4 other schools in the district and Culvers provided ice cream for the ENTIRE school!

Out of 28 KUSD Elementary schools, Jeffery’s attendance rate ranks us at #2. Last year we were ranked #13.  That is awesome!  Let’s keep moving up!

Jeffery is a phenomenal school, and we should continue to have phenomenal attendance.

Throughout the 2017-2018 year, we will still continue to celebrate perfect attendance.  Just as we did at the end of this school year, we will have another Amazing Attendance Celebration.  How Jeffery students qualify:

Any student who has 5 or less days absent for the year


Any student who has 5 or less days tardy for the year

The students with perfect attendance will have front row seats at the amazing event and will get their picture taken with the staff after the event.

For the record, perfect attendance means:

Never leaving early

Never coming late

Being at school the entire day

Please understand that when you pick your child up before dismissal, it does count against their attendance and can count as a half day absence.

Our intent is not to have students come to school if they have a fever over 100 degrees, if they are vomiting, or if they have a serious illness.

We understand that medical appointments come up and they are considered an absence, but they are coded differently in the system.  Please bring in a doctor note any time you are at the doctor. We are fortunate here that our release time is early, so please try to schedule appointments around our release time.

Also, please know that vacation days do count against your attendance.

Have a great summer and be safe!

Jeffery Attendance Team



December Attendance Boost Video!

Jeffery Elementary Amazing Attendance Celebration 2016: Lip Sync BattleDSC_0790-002

Lip Sync Videos:

Thriller group

Boogie Storm



Our attendance goal 96%

Our final attendance: 95.94%

2016-2017 School year goal: 96.3%