Counseling Lessons



All grade levels are learning about careers.

5th grade took an interest inventory to see what Career Cluster their interests land in.  We are then using this website to research more about the Careers: Bureau of Labor Statistics

4th grade took personality and learning styles quizzes.  Check them out here:

Learning Style Quiz

Personality Quiz

2nd grade is learning about how you can have many interests and how they can compliment your job/future with the book Being Wendy.



April is Autism Awareness Month so each class will get a lesson and book and/or video to help them gain a better understanding of Autism.

Kindergarten: Sesame Street and Autism: We’re Amazing 1 2 3!

Meet Julia!

The Amazing Song

1st Grade: Arthur- When Carl met George

2nd Grade: What’s up with Nick?

3rd Grade: Arthur- When Carl met George

4th Grade:

5th Grade: Amazing Things Happen