Counseling Lessons



All classes are working hard on the poster contest for KUSD.  The slogan this year is: Be Drug Free? Absolutely!

All students are given the opportunity to complete the poster contest in the classroom and can enter the writing contest on their own.  Each classroom can also enter a group project- Mr. Bishop’s class won last year!



October is Bully Prevention Month.  Each grade talked about the definition of bullying and how to tell when something is bullying or teasing.  We talked, as a group, about what to do if you are being bullied.

Second grade read a Julia Cook book called “Bully Beans” brought home that and a worksheet on how to help if they are bullied.

First grade received a special package from the Kind Kids Club.  They worked on filling out an application to be in the club.  They received their first mission as part of the club- to make thank you cards for Veterans who will be visiting our school for a Veterans Day Program.




The first week I was in classrooms, I reviewed with students who I was and how I can help them.  For students in grades 3-5 who have been taught how to log into their Google accounts, I taught them how to request time with me.  This form can be found on the Counselor Request Form page, and it will email me that they are requesting time with me.