Shoparoo Fundraising Program


Looking for a way to help raise funds for Jeffery?  By doing something you do every week?  Check out Shoparoo! You earn points for taking pictures of your receipts.  Those points get turned into money and they send a check to Jeffery!  We’ve already received one check!

What receipts should you take pictures of?  All of them!  Groceries, appliances, clothes, books, local places that you shop.  You have 2 weeks from the date of the receipt to take pictures and submit.  So hold on to receipts for a week and make it a habit to take pictures on a certain day each week. You can even set up a reminder in the app to go off on a certain day and time!

The app is available for Android or Apple devices and is really easy to use!  And you are competing with other grades to see who can get the most points!

Sign up here:  Shoparoo Fundraising Program

Once you are signed up, share your referral link to earn more points!  It only takes a few minutes to open the app and take a picture, and it involves no selling of items, collecting money or distributing goods!