Time with a Teacher Fundraiser


Dear Jeffery Families,

The 5th grade is proud to announce a new, yearly event at Jeffery Elementary School. Each student has the opportunity to win a chance to spend some “Time with a Teacher.” Teachers and students will be able to participate in various activities/events. A complete list of opportunities is included below. Tickets for the “Time with a Teacher” event will be sold from January 26th, 2015, through February 6th, 2015.

We will have a school assembly on Monday, February 9th where we will draw winning tickets for each event.

Raffle ticket prices will be one ticket for $1.00 or 6 tickets for $5.00. Proceeds will help with the 5th grade trip to Camp Timber-lee. We appreciate your support with this new event. We know the students will love the opportunities and the time they get to spend with their teachers!

Tickets can be printed by clicking here: Time with a Teacher Tickets


2015 Time With a Teacher Events

Students may choose from ANY event listed. Please be sure to read the descriptions as some events are grade specific! You may enter as many events and/or tickets that you would like! 

The friends that are chosen to participate with the winner MUST be Jeffery students.

Good luck!

(For Example: Preston puts 5 tickets in for Ms. Kin’s event, 2 tickets for Mr. Johnson, 2 tickets for Ms. Flaherty, and 3 tickets for Ms. Selin. That would be one of many ways to distribute12 tickets!)

Ms. Kin: Jimmy John’s lunch will be provided to the winner and one friend in the classroom.

Mr. Bishop: A winner and 2 friends will bring their lunch and play Mario Kart Wii during lunch/recess on the Promethean board. (3 Total Prizes: Grades K-1, 2-3, 4-5)

Ms. Bishop: A winner and friend will go and get a mani/pedi with Ms. Bishop. They will go to a salon and each student will be able to choose to have a manicure or pedicure.

Bishop Family: A winner will meet the Bishop family at Chuck E. Cheese’s for some games, fun and pizza! Can you earn more tickets than Mrs. Bishop  or Jackson?

Ms. Andrews: One winner and two friends will eat lunch with Ms. Andrews. Ms. Andrews will provide McDonalds and dessert for the students.

Ms. Flaherty: A winner and three friends will win game time and Marco’s Pizza with Ms. Flaherty.

Ms. Selin: 1. Lego Lab – Bring a friend to Mrs. Selin’s room to create, build and design with Legos. You will get to keep your design! (Grade PreK-5)

Ms. Selin: 2. Crockpot Cooking Class – Bring three friends to have a savory meal with Mrs. Selin. You will take part in preparing a recipe in the morning that will cook in a crockpot all day. Come back to Mrs. Selin’s room after school to enjoy your feast. (Grades 2-5)

Ms. Warren: 1. Cruisin’ & Culver’s … You and a friend will ride in a restored ’71 AMC Javelin muscle car. You will ride around town and stop for ice cream at Culver’s with Mr. & Mrs. Warren.

Ms. Warren: 2. Learn to sew with Mrs. Warren! The winner and two friends will learn to sew dog bandanas. Participants will get to keep a bandana and the others will be donated to a local groomer.

Ms. Galusha: A winner from K-5th grade and two of his/her friends will meet Mrs. Galusha at Action Territory for 1 1/2 hours of fun! The fun will include laser tag, bumper cars, the Heist, arcade games, pizza, and soda!

Ms. Duford: 1. The winning student will get to invite 3 other friends to watch a movie of their choice with Mrs. Duford on the Promethean board and have pizza and popcorn.

Ms. Duford: 2. The winner and one friend will go with Mrs. Duford to Alpaca Art and create a project to keep.

Ms. Drosen: Tea time with Ms. Drosen. Tea and cookies will be served with conversation. Participants will leave with satisfied tummies and their own teacup and saucer.

Ms. Klawonn: Do You Want to Build a Snowman? Weather permitting, winner will be able to invite 3 friends to create a snowman/snow sculpture with me on the school grounds after school. Then, they would come in for doughnuts and hot chocolate in my room.
ALTERNATE PLAN: If weather does not cooperate, students would join me after school, in my room, to make a stuffed snowman craft that they would be able to take home. Hot chocolate and doughnuts would also be served.

Ms. Matrise: One winner and three friends will watch a movie and get a McDonald’s lunch from Ms. Matrise!

Ms. Jambrek/Ms. Tobin: A winner and 2 friends will be playing the Wii and Garageband during a lunch period on the Promethean board.

Ms. Camp/Ms. Smith: Do you enjoy helping in a classroom? Do you miss the centers you had in Pre-K? We’d like to welcome you and a friend into our room during Choice time!  You can help students or play in the areas for one hour (7:30 am- 8:30 am). We are looking forward to you and a friend spending time with us!!

Ms. Pelc: A winner gets to pick three friends to bring to Mrs. Pelc’s office for lunch.  I will order pizza or something else that they like.

Ms. O’Connor: Bowling with the O’Connors – one winner and a friend will meet the O’Connor Family at one of the bowling alleys in town for 3 games of bowling and pizza/soda.

Ms. Sporer: 1. Meet Ms. Sporer at Starbucks for a book talk and beverage/treat of your choice for you and two friends.  You pick the book, and I will provide the copies for all to keep!

Ms. Sporer: 2. Create-a-story!!  Using Toontastic, you can come spend some time creating a masterpiece of your choice on our iPads in the library.  When you’ve completed your project, pick out a comic book or graphic novel to take home!  (Good for 4 winners)

Mr. Johnson: Win a Wii Dance session for one winner and their class.  If their best friend is not in their classroom, they can invite up to two students from another classroom. This would include the winner, their class, and two other friends. (There will be K-2 winner and a 3-5 winner)

Ms. Marko: Downtown Adventure with Mrs. Marko…Winner and two friends will meet Mrs. Marko downtown to have lunch at Trolley Dogs, ice cream at Sandy’s Popper, Ride the Kenosha Streetcar and visit the museum of your choice! (Kenosha Public Museum, Civil War Museum, or Dinosaur Museum) Approximately 2 hours of fun!

Students vs. Teachers in Dodgeball: One winner from each grade (3rd, 4th, and 5th) will get to pick 4 friends to join them in playing dodgeball against the teachers! Can you and your friends defeat Mr. & Mrs. Bishop, Ms. Selin, Ms. Flaherty, Ms. Matrise, Mr. Johnson, Ms. Pelc, Ms. Galusha, and others?